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At Swiftwired, we provide lighting services that ensure you are prepared for any situation. Power outages can occur at any time, and when they do, you need a reliable backup plan.

Illuminate Your Property With Premier Lighting Services in Franklin, NH

Welcome to Swiftwired, your go-to provider for emergency lighting and security services in Franklin, NH. Our expert is dedicated to helping you completely revamp your home interior and exterior lighting, as well as providing emergency lighting services in case of power loss. Whether you need an exterior security light or emergency lights, we have got you covered.


Comprehensive Exterior and Interior Lighting Services

At Swiftwired, we offer fully networked and versatile lighting solutions that can be controlled via mobile app or programmed automation schedules. Our elite network bundle allows you to have full control over all your lights, from motion-activated lighting to complement your surveillance system. You can rest easy knowing that even when you’re out of the office or away from home, your lighting package will continue to function as it should with a powerful battery backup in case of a blackout.

In addition to lighting services, we also offer outdoor-rated, high-speed access points that provide full coverage for your outdoor Wi-Fi connections. You can now control your pool cleaning robots and irrigation systems through Wi-Fi, creating the perfect digital environment to entertain and ensure your outdoor automation services continue to work as they should. Seamlessly integrating your Wi-Fi coverage with your lighting and surveillance for a single, cost-effective installation covering multiple needs has never been easier.


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