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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What role do surveillance systems play in boosting security in businesses and homes?

    Surveillance systems play a crucial role in enhancing security in both homes and businesses. Some of the ways they contribute to security are crime deterrence, evidence collection, monitoring, integration with other systems, use of advanced technologies and an increased sense of security. The presence of surveillance systems can deter potential criminals and in the event of a crime, footage can provide valuable evidence. Allowing for continuous monitoring of a location, surveillance cameras offer homeowners and businesses peace of mind knowing that if an event happens, they can take the proper actions to report and respond to security events.

  • How do alarm systems help to increase security and response time for both residential and commercial properties?

    Alarm systems provide 24/7 protection against burglary and break-ins. Deterrence of crime is often the first line defense. Alarm systems provide owners with the rapid response times of professional monitoring centers to dispatch authorities and minimize damage and loss of property. Remote monitoring also provides the ability to monitor and restrict access to a home or business and allow only authorized persons from entering the premises.

  • What are the most important things to look for in residential security systems to ensure complete protection?

    When considering a residential security system, there are several important features to consider for complete protection:

    • Security Cameras: A good security camera is essential to any home security system. It allows you to monitor your home 24/7 and provide additional protection. Advanced AI detection features such as people and vehicle search are good things to look for.
    • Redundant Power Supply: Does the alarm panel have a backup power supply or battery to continue to protect your home and family in the event of power outages? Backup power ensures your protection will not be interrupted.
    • Wireless technology: Modern alarm systems should have two methods of communication for the best protection. Internet communication is quick and accurate and is generally the primary form of alarm and signal reporting. The addition of cellular monitoring ensures that when the primary connection fails, there is a redundant communication method available to report events to the monitoring center.
    • Home Automation: With today‚Äôs advanced IoT (Internet of Things) technologies, controlling the thermostat, blinds, door locks, lights, and other home automation devices are essential. A proper security system should have the ability to integrate with these systems to provide the best possible value and user experience.
    • Motion Sensors: Motion sensors are a critical component to any alarm system. Detecting movement within restricted areas during arming periods is a simple and effective way to protect your home.
    • Door and Window Sensors: Generally considered the most standard component of any alarm system, good door and window sensors will be small form factor, have good battery life (if not hardwired) and reliable, encrypted signal strength. Sensor encryption ensures that intruders cannot use jamming devices to enter your home.
    • Glass Break Sensors: Breaking glass is a common way for intruders to enter your home. A good glass break sensor will have customizable levels of detection, up to 25ft of range, and when properly deployed offer enhanced security for areas which may be vulnerable to intrusion, such as basement windows and sliding doors.
    • Control Panel or Base Station: The heart of any home security system, the alarm panel should be able to efficiently and effectively monitor the status of all the security devices, communicate with the user, monitoring center and alarm dealer, be easy to configure, have a battery backup, and offer advanced features to ensure proper control and security of your home.
  • How can commercial security systems be tailored to meet the specific requirements of various businesses?

    Customizing commercial security systems is critical as not all businesses are the same. Understanding the unique needs of a specific business helps to ensure that protection measures implemented meet or exceed their standards. Factors to consider could include customizing security components, the size of the business, number of employees, access control, budget considerations, and if there is a need for ongoing support and maintenance.

  • What is the purpose of security lighting in deterring possible invaders and maintaining safety after dark?

    Other than general deterrence, security and emergency lighting offers many benefits. Security lighting can act as an additional protection in working with security cameras to provide clearer, color images of motion events, even after dark. Furthermore, security lighting enhances the surveillance level of a home or business as it makes it harder for potential intruders to approach the perimeter of a location unnoticed. In an emergency, lighting can be activated automatically to provide safer egress of a property, such as a fire alarm or loss of power.

  • Can you explain the advantages of combining IT services and security technologies to create a more powerful protection strategy?

    Integrating IT and security technologies provides superior protection for homes and businesses alike. Some of those advantages include cost-effectiveness, more efficient threat detection, improved incident response, and protection from cyber threats. Protecting the integrity of the physical security of a location with IT technologies such as firewalls and other hacking threats creates an overall more secure location.

  • What steps should I take to select the best surveillance system for my property based on its unique needs?

    First, determine the specific areas you want to monitor. Second, consider analog or IP cameras. Generally, analog cameras are less expensive, but IP cameras offer better image quality and features. Next, consider wired or wireless. Wired cameras offer more reliable connectivity and do not require recharging. Wireless cameras offer a less complex, less costly installation but may not be as reliable and will often require regular charging maintenance. Third, determine the resolution and other features of the cameras. Do you need night vision? A wider field of view? Would you like to be able to control the camera from an app? Also, be sure to consider advanced features such as people and vehicle smart search. Do you need audio recording features (built-in mic)? Lastly, consider features such as mobile connectivity, storage options (local or cloud), warranty length, and the potential costs of regular maintenance.

  • Is your alarm system compatible with smart home technologies, and how can it be operated remotely?

    The Alula line of security panels offered by Swiftwired come with an integrated Z-Wave hub for easy connectivity to your Z-wave enabled devices such as thermostats, lights, shades, door locks and many others. The Connect+ panel and associated Alula app provides control and monitoring of these devices in the palm of your hand.

  • Tell me about the most recent innovations in home security systems that improve user experience and safety.

    One of the most important features of an Alula home or business security system is alarm verification methods. Combined with the verification processes of the monitoring center, false alarm reduction methods have improved significantly. Chat features built into security platforms have enabled security monitoring centers and dealers to automate alarm verification and reduce the need for costly false alarm dispatching. Furthermore, this feature has also improved the user experience through the use of chat and messenger options allowing for users to directly communicate with family members and monitoring centers during and after and alarm events.

  • What types of security systems are advised for businesses to prevent theft, vandalism, and unwanted access?

    Intrusion protection systems prevent unwanted access to a business and can be customized to fit the specific needs of a business. Backup communication and power redundancy should be implemented as well. Surveillance systems further protect businesses in conjunction with intrusion systems by providing video monitoring 24/7, and evidence in the event of an insurance claim by an employee or customer, plus reduces the review and resolution time of a security or emergency event. Professional security and monitoring services also provide regular maintenance and warranties, increasing value.

  • How does the location of security lights affect its effectiveness in protecting a property?

    The placement of security lighting is critical to the performance of the system as a whole. Considering the height and angle of the lighting, integration with any existing security cameras, motion activation, employee ingress and egress points, and neighboring properties lightings and privacy are important. A carefully considered lighting deployment will be cost effective and provide additional security by maximizing coverage area and improving visibility when and where it is needed most.

  • Can you give any instances of IT services and repairs that businesses can use to keep their digital environments secure and functional?

    Firewalls, traffic management, intrusion detection and prevention, employee training, adequate Wi-Fi coverage, regular maintenance and warranties, cloud services and remote support, and 24/7 monitoring all are good examples of services offered. The proper network deployment will have all these features.

  • What are the potential network vulnerabilities that IT services can address to prevent cyberattacks?

    1. Outdated software
    2. Weak access control, such as wireless passwords and unauthorized employee access to networking systems
    3. Improper firewall and cybersecurity settings
    4. Viruses and Malware
    5. Lack of data backups and recovery procedures
    6. Phishing and email vulnerabilities
  • Do you provide consultation services to assess a property's security requirements and provide appropriate solutions?

    Yes. Swiftwired can provide consultation services to determine security vulnerabilities and suggest a solution. Networking, surveillance systems, and intrusion systems are all offered, and a customized plan is determined for each unique situation.

  • What are the benefits of choosing a comprehensive security package that includes services like surveillance, alarms, and lighting?

    Maximizing cost effectiveness, value, and integration are all important when it comes to the safety and security of your family, employees, and businesses. Combining security and IT packages ensures integration compatibility, ease of use, and long-term value.

  • How often should security systems be serviced to guarantee they are reliable and up to date?

    Generally, at least a yearly maintenance plan should be implemented with all systems. However, many systems will be monitored for troubleshooting incidents 24/7, and issues are reported by automated systems and software and addressed regularly.

  • What procedures are required in installing security lighting that increases coverage while consuming the least amount of energy?

    Determining the least number of lighting hardware to meet the needs of the location is critical in reducing the energy needed. Properly trained and experienced installers will optimize coverage and deployment methods to achieve the level of lighting needed. The hardware itself can also be chosen based on its power draw and performance. Cloud control and automation further increase energy efficiency by only activating these lighting systems when they are needed.

  • *******If your security system fails, what is the typical response time for your IT services staff to resolve the problem? (Since this one varies so much, perhaps we should leave this one out?)*****

    Failure response and repairs can vary wildly depending on the complexity of the system and the issue itself, but Swiftwired always strives to resolve any issues with a deployment as soon as possible. Generally, this can be done within 48 hours, unless a physical visit is needed, depending on the severity of the issue, which could be a few days or more.

  • Can you explain the importance of remote monitoring in surveillance systems and how it improves response times in an emergency?

    I do not offer remote video monitoring at this time.

  • What distinguishes your organization in terms of skill and experience in offering high-quality computer security services?

    1. Skilled professionals: 10 Years of experience and growing.
    2. Expertise and experience: Knowledge of the industries we provide services for, and how to properly implement the most cost-effective solutions
    3. Tailored solutions: Customized IT and Security solutions for your specific needs
      24/7 alarm monitoring: Award-winning monitoring center for your protection
    4. Client-centric approach: A client forward approach where you are not just a number, but a valued client.
    5. Swiftwired strives for excellent customer service and always works with you to achieve the best possible solutions to fit your needs and your budget.
    6. Positive reputation: 5-Star reviews and many happy clients for multiple services
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